June 20, 2024


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Ben Crump Plans Lawsuit Against Buffalo Mass Shooter’s Parents & Gun Manufacturer

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America is going through a rough period at the moment as we collectively try to wrap our heads around two separate mass shootings that took place recently in Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas, respectively.

Regarding the Tops supermarket tragedy where 18-year-old Payton Gendron gunned down 10 people, most of them Black, power attorney Ben Crump has now entered the mix and set his eyes on suing everyone involved, including the gun manufacturer and even the shooter’s parents.

Crump held a press conference outside the Antioch Baptist Church in Buffalo, going on record by stating, “We absolutely intend on going after the gun manufacturers, the gun distributors and anybody else who was an accomplice to this young 18-year-old white supremacist.” He was joined by Rev. Al Sharpton and relatives of four victims, one of them being 32-year-old Mark Talley who said of his late mother Geraldine, “My mom [became] a victim of this because somebody woke up and decided they didn’t like Black people and shot a hollow point bullet [through her right temple] with her fiance watching, hiding in the cooler as best as he could.” He emphasized the tragedy of that moment by adding, “My mother’s fiance had to watch her die.”

Read another heartbreaking testimony below from one of the relatives of 53-year-old victim Andre Mackniel, via NY Post:

“‘We found out he was dead on Facebook,’ White, flanked by other family members, told reporters as she broke down in tears.

She said Mackniel’s son doesn’t yet know that his father is dead and ‘keeps thinking his father is asleep.’

‘He’s gone, he won’t even know his father,’ White cried.

‘This is so senseless. I can’t believe someone would give some child a gun and let him think that it’s OK … to shoot people down like dogs. That doesn’t make any sense to me, it shouldn’t have happened.’”

Others who spoke, including the late Heyward Patterson’s wife Tirzah Patterson with a powerful message regarding their son’s fatherless future, each drove home how much was loss due to this senseless tragedy. Let’s hope Ben Crump can help some of these grieving families get the justice they rightfully deserve.



Ben Crump Plans Lawsuit Against Buffalo Mass Shooter’s Parents & Gun Manufacturer